Trust is the Foundation of Building and LeadingTeams

It's true what they say- trust is the basis of all relationships.  We all know what it feels like to loose trust with someone.  In our personal lives this is rather easy to pin point.  It's that awful gut-rot feeling of seeing what people say doesn't match what they do.  Not fulfilling your promises to your friends, your kids or your spouse adds up and at some point you will be thought of as a liar- someone they can't trust.

The same happens in the workplace.  Funny thing is- this is rarely a part of the discussion when administration sits down to talk about "improving performance".  This is the "warm fuzzy" that gets no legitimate airtime and is like the giant tutu-wearing elephant no one wants to admit is dancing around the room.

When administrators fail to acknowledge building trust as the first issue of addressing results and performance within a team- it shuts down any chance for a meaningful conversation.

In his book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" Author and story teller Patrick Lencioni explains that the absence of trust leads to invulnerability.  In other words- when people are defensive- the first order of business is to build trust.

"Team Trust: How well team members trust one another and the willingness to admit mistakes, acknowledge weaknesses, or ask for help."

Meeting after meeting people talk to no effect.  There is little offered in the way of solutions and the chasm between team members grows wider and wider all because trust is missing.  As administrators and as professionals we can shift the entire dynamic within our teams by striving for high trust engagements.


  1. When you chair a meeting do you begin by sharing your desire to seek the help of those in the room to find ways to work together?
  2. Do you create an atmosphere of openness by admitting to your team when you have failed and made mistakes?  Do you apologize?
  3. Can you admit to  your team areas that you struggle in?

When we want solutions and higher engagement from those on our team we must create a culture of trust.

Trust Assessments and team training are available with me!  Want to know how your team is doing?  Let me take your "Trust Temperature" and help you build a community of trust.

How can you show people they can trust you?Your character is how people will know you are worthy of their trust. Need some help with this?  Contact me for VIP Days, One on One coaching and more!



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