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Strong Women: It’s Time to Take Off the Cape and Boots

Being strong is a statement of contradiction for most women I know.  In the countless conversations I’ve had over the past year I have encountered a passionate re-evaluation of what it means to be “strong” and it is time we looked at this in earnest.  If we get this wrong with one another or within […]

Empathy: How You Use Compassion Dictates Your Bottom Line

There are so many variations on what it means to serve your customer- the person who gives you money to do what you do.  It is a challenge to see how to prioritize the needs of others with who we are as business owners and professionals.  If the customer is always right- then what does […]

Listening: Can You Hear What I’m Not Saying?

Communication is a funny thing.  We all do it yet some people are better at it than others.  In fact some people build an entire organization around their ability to listen.  Essentially this is what conflict management and personal coaching is based on- listening to the needs and desires of others. So what makes some […]

Naked In The Crowd: The Risk of Revealing You

For years I felt that there was a standard or expectation of me that I should pay attention to.  I had “arrived” as a professional and so there were personas and ideals all around me about what it meant to hold that position, to share and belong in that community.  After all- this is where […]

Conflict: How To Manage It, Use it and Succeed As A Team!

Conflict is a natural part of being with people and is often thought of as something to avoid. Do you aim to avoid the topics that create conflict on your team?  Sometimes conflict is the BEST way to generate ideas, address unspoken concerns and really get into the emotional grid of the people on your […]

Is Being A Team Just A Dream: A Revealing Look At The IEP Process

This is the season for intensive interactions between parents and schools.  Fall, unlike any other time of the year, is a period where trust is either built or eroded.  In most contexts one would think that the increased contact would mean people are being brought closer together, sharing information and strategizing successfully.  There are a […]