What You Read Determines Your Success

It’s important to me for people to see what it is that I do to push myself and stay focused on my goals.  I read a ton of books.  Some for the fun of it and some because it’s like food- without it I wither away.

Reading is critical for professionals who want to stay current.  This book by John Maxwell “Becoming a Person Of Influence: How To Positively Impact The Lives Of Others” is a favorite of mine.  I have read it dozens of times and come back to it regularly.

Reading is food for your dream.  If you don’t feed your dream- it will wither and die.

As I prepare for writing corporate contracts this week and think about the services www.joditucker.com will offer to professionals and savvy parents my influence is an aspect that I am very aware of.  By reviewing the type of influence I want to use to propel people who might be stuck, frustrated or apathetic in their daily lives I am reminded of my primary goal- to put others first.

The next book you pick up consider what it does for you.  Are you reading books that are feeding your passion?  If that was the goal of reading a book- what would you chose?  The same thing as always or something else?  Here are some tips to get the most out of what you are reading and make wise decisions about feeding your dreams:

  1. Read with intent.  Reading with intent is just as important as reading for fun.  When you chose a book- keep in your mind what exactly the learning experience is that you are looking for.  For example “I want to learn about avoiding burn-out”, “I want to learn about handling conflict”.  If you aren’t focused when you are picking the book you will leave with something that isn’t what you came for.
  2. Set aside time to read- I’m not kidding.  Most professionals have shelf upon shelf of books that they have never picked up or haven’t looked at in years.  Put reading into your schedule.  Even one hour a week can make a difference.
  3. Take notes. I never read a book without a pen and paper.  If you get inspired and then walk away- you may loose that nugget of learning in the fog of your every day life.  Capture the most of your learning by keeping your thoughts on paper.


I am honored to have people like John Maxwell speak into my life and equip me to speak into yours.

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